Language is an interesting technology.

What if, ultimately speaking, if we unravel a lot of social constructs by the way we speak about them, we either really end up creating new ones OR just end up going back to our primal ways. Is it a weird thought to think that everything we do essentially meets a primal need in some complex way?

The interesting part about language is that the more ppl (people) achieve to be sophisticated with it, the more divide there seems to be among ppl who have a limited sense of it. Like the fact that we went from communicating “hey I’m hungry, hey I’m hurt” to now talking to each other almost so academically.

We go deeper into trying to explain things further to complicate them when maybe they don’t have to be?

And we just seem to end up speaking to each other with these high thoughts – not high as in weed but high like pretentious. We want to expand how we think about things only to further complicate how to communicate about them in order to prevent being misunderstood.

At the end of the day, we all want to eat, sleep, shit, laugh, and be in good company. And of course, some of us want to fuck, how can I forget that as someone with low sexual libido… and I somehow feel the need to describe myself as asexual bc (because) this primal need is weird to me.

I mean at the end of the day… these labels and names of constructs are attempts to describe our mindsets, interpretations, and approaches to things.

For example, if I say I don’t wanna fuck I have to add the detail as to why if I want someone to understand why otherwise they wonder if it’s them, if it’s because I’m not into them, their gender, or if I’m traumatized or unaware.

No, maybe I just don’t wanna fuck.

But add on the label “asexual”

“OH, I see you experience no interest in sex”
yeah basically. leave me alone LOL

“but then how did you have a baby?”

Yeah, I’m just leaving it as “I just am not the one you wanna date if you wanna fuck cuz it may never happen.”

I like this example bc some people are so primal when it comes to sex… we can be all kinds of sophisticated higher dwelling human-divine beings but then when sex comes, we accept that we are animals huh lol yes we are.

If we existed in caveman times, I still promise you I’d be THIS annoying LOL

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