how could anything that feels good be bad?

I was reading a private confession posted online in a forum website I shall not name, as it’s irrelevant. I thought it was interesting that the person who posted it spoke of working for a high-profile predator that I will also not name because their name deserves no space here and while working for this high-profile predator, there were moments where the writer of the confession brings up an interesting observation while seeing said predator in a potentially vulnerable moment.

Frankly, the monster here having any vulnerable moment is not worthy of any empathy that you, dear reader, may be able to hold for them. I doubt you would want to bother knowing anything to feel sorry for this entity but I made interesting connections to their thoughtful moment with some thoughts I’ve been harboring for a while about hedonism.

If you are not familiar with hedonism, to engage in hedonistic behavior is to pursue all pleasure or sensual self-indulgence. Is it a good thing? I will leave that up for you to decide but on to my point here…

This entity in mind asked the writer “how could anything that feels good could be bad?” (actual quote from their writing). Coming from a hedonistic predator, that question made my eyebrows rise so high, I thought I lost them after reading that line. He briefly spoke to the writer about hedonism before letting him go – this the writer did not elaborate any further on but I would have been curious to look into why…

Or rather how… how does someone who has committed so much harm in the name of hedonism even get to a point to ask such a philosophical question?

It makes me wonder what kind of pain was this entity avoiding? What kind of relationship this entity had with its pain?

What kind of motivations did this person have?
What did they run from? What were the truths that they were trying to deny?
How lost were they in their lives to think this question even was worth asking?

Not that it’s a bad question, but the context behind it makes it awful to think about.

What is the problem with pleasure, my friend?

How far can people take pleasure?
By then, is it still… pleasure?

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