get into that shadow work, girl

If men can admit they’re awful at times, why can’t women too?

Get into that shadow work, girl; it doesn’t serve us to just try to keep being good.

Learn when it’s necessary to be bad.

Some believe that A person who doesn’t know when to be bad or doesn’t know when to use evil isn’t a good person. They’re a weak person. Being weak isn’t a bad thing but if you want to be safe and in better situations, you know you gotta have some strength. ALWAYS Being weak or vulnerable isn’t a really good option.

A truly good person is someone who knows that they have the capacity to be evil but chooses to be good anyway.

Be vulnerable when it’s safe. Be a monster when it’s life or death.

Don’t play with shadow work just to be a happy, healed sunshine girl.

If you’re going to delve into it, be aware that it’s not about healing.
Shadow work is not meant to heal you.

It definitely benefits many that way but like the real intentions behind shadow work, people will never go far to understand its primary purpose.

Just because they want to stop the pain and go.
The pain isn’t meant to be stopped, not entirely.

What is the purpose or ultimate goal of Shadow work then, Liz?

I’ll explain that later.

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