what if we don’t know what we don’t know?

What if we are all wrong because as humans we think there are only facts and fiction or truth and lies, that trusted binary when there could be more intended to be known?

We don’t know what we don’t know and we don’t even know if there’s such thing as a god but assume there is or isn’t? What if that’s not even the question that leads to the answer we are wondering?

Like we have various beliefs on various things and what is that besides our conscience expanding?

Things humans can’t even explain yet and we have to trust that there are only facts and lies?

And here comes perspective, kept out of that dialect.

Then people speak as if reality is not just one thing either but multiple things like multiple realities. And our understanding shifts in different contexts and experiences. Our experiences and beliefs essentially make us who we are and we are individual conscience entities that remain connected to a collective

Which brings back the scientific question, what is consciousness? Is that something related to having a soul, being moral, or being an individual?

Or are we just organic computers who identify with labels to describe our collection of beliefs and experiences? There would be no Liz outside of my physical body and mind…

And when I die, I will simply shut down as a system before my organic material just rots away soon after.

God, what if organic material is just smaller entities of consciousness that know how to keep themselves alive.

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