while being a mother…

The best mothers to connect with are mothers who can reinforce pride in you being a mom.

I see a lot of “I love my child but I miss my old self” narratives and they’re understandable but I wonder why the attachment?

Do you feel like you lost yourself and your sense of individuality when you became a mom? Do you know how to reconnect with that part of you as a mom without separating the two things?

You don’t have to lose anything except the old habits and thinking frames that no longer align with you when you raise a child. It’s not the same but when you know how to, it’s a lot better.

I extend a lot of empathy towards moms who are like “I love my children but I miss being childless” it’s not easy, I get it.

It’s not easy but things worth having take a little more effort. I love being a mom and I love being someone who strives to be my own person while being a mom too.

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