what’s the meaning of this?

existence and life probably have no real meaning but it’s our desire for meaning that makes us strive to make our existence in life overall better. this is probably what drove society to become what it is now.

maybe the real order that exists is only within nature and that was too chaotic for us as humans to exist in, too unsafe and uncertain so we try to make our own order work within nature. we continue to make this a thing within the macro and micro levels.

our consciousness, our sense of right and wrong, our tendency to feel desire – is it all within the same coin?

maybe it’s our meaning and the attachment to that meaning that keeps us alive. continue to want more from life. keeping us from giving up and holding on to beliefs that offer hope.

hope to see better days. a reason to anticipate.

can we just pretend that we have a purpose to exist?
even if it means depending on our connection to others, because what’s the point of living if you’re the only one?

i see the value of a community. common shared goals, beliefs, and values. all that adding up to your meaning. you’re not simply alive – you are living.

Live. Find meaning and live it.

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