striving for mastery

Something that separates our adult lives from our youth is that we often had something to strive for as a youngin. School, and other projects we were working on as we grew up.

Now imagine as adults we don’t find anything worth striving for while as children we often were working towards something, whether it was a high school degree of completion, sports, or music lessons.

Why do we just end up striving for careers that we might not even be happy with long term? Once we achieve all our credentials and our expertise, then what?

Is life just about then working and going home til you die? Picking up hobbies? Making children?

This is one of the reasons why I chose to pursue music. It’s something I didn’t get to do as a kid – I wanted to do piano lessons, singing, and writing songs as a kid.

I’m going through the lessons of it all as a kid would honestly because I feel very incompetent in many parts of what I do but I think that is part of what I look forward to my day-to-day. I’ve been enjoying that process.

Will it ever be a career that I make my living in? I sure hope to – it really drives me to make a commitment to the process and not just dabble and engage with it when I’m bored. I definitely add it to my daily routine so I can continue looking towards something instead of dwelling in my empty feelings when I start feeling downward spirals trying to come on to me.

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