safer in familiar misery

Ask yourself: How am I complicit in creating the conditions I say I don’t want?

And creating conditions that you say you don’t want isn’t always conscious; sometimes we continue our poor habits because they provide us with a sense of security that has the negative tradeoff of not allowing us to progress.

Progressing in things doesn’t always provide security. We feel safer in familiar misery than we do in futures with uncertainty.

Why do you relapse when you are trying to heal yourself? Because sometimes it’s too overwhelming to face the uncertainty and the pain of facing your fears or past traumas that we rather regress. We regress to feel okay in our bodies.

We often don’t know how to make our bodies feel safe enough to be able to regulate ourselves when we are moving into the dark/unknown.

Some things may be society’s fault but ultimately our personal responsibility and chances to hold ourselves accountable can greatly improve our mental health AND outcomes overall to where society’s implications can ultimately affect us little. When recognizing where our power truly is and using it to our benefit, it seems almost impossible to let outside circumstances dictate what we have to feel, think, and react to.

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