conversation with my peace

I started an active imagination meditation session last night after work. I had set the intention to hear a message that my subconscious could possibly deliver to me and I remained open to hear anything. This is what occured in my mind’s eye.

In front of me was my garage, empty except for a white table and two chairs. I took a seat and I waited. Maybe about a minute later, a pale woman appeared, walked up and sat down in front of me.

She was pale, with loose light brown hair down to her shoulders. Her face was long, and I just noticed her beady black eyes. She wore a white gown that was decorated in jewels/gems on the shoulders and what I assume to be all around else.

I spoke first. “Hi, so what are you?” I said so straightforward.

“I’m your peace,” she said.

L: Peace? Like world peace?
P: Your peace.
L: Ok, so what is your message to me?
P: You get bored of me
L: -chuckle- Ok I see that.
P: I’m not offended.
She smiles.

L: So….
P: Just wanting to remind you to be careful with what you do in order to find new stimulation.
L: Yeah, I am treading carefully – I’m already aware.
P: You sure?

L: No, but I appreciate the reminder
P: Everyone needs it sometimes. Don’t be too eager to ask for me only to want me to go away.
She was being funny, as I see her smirk.

L: I don’t want you to go away. I want you to be here always.
P: You’ll always find me around when I am requested.
L: Others don’t see it.

P: I’m YOUR peace. They don’t know me – they have to find theirs.

I look straight at her adorned dress.
L: Why the jewels?
P: They’re precious. Just like people who seek out peace. I am precious and highly sought for.
L: Most can’t find you.
P: They don’t know how to look.
L: They don’t know how you look like.

She laughs right as the view of the whole scene fades away.

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